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How to Take Care of your Lingerie Products

Babydolls, bras, panties made of lace, satin and other delicate fabrics, fishnet stockings – all these fine lingerie make you look and feel truly beautiful and sexy. Like anything of beauty, these intimate wear take some work to maintain. You need to treat it with appropriate care for it to retain its shape and softness.

Lingerie takes its beatings mostly when it is washed, so proper care when washing and drying can prevent a lot of damage – in the form of thread snags, fabric going hard, hooks missing, elastic getting loose, tearing at the seams, loosing softness and shape etc.

The better you take care of them, the longer they will last. Here are a few tips and tricks for washing your lingerie to maintain its quality and elasticity over time.

 1. Hand-wash your delicates always :

  • Try to hand wash as often as you canHand wash lingerie
  • If hand wash is not at all an option, then use the gentlest setting on your washing machine.
machine wash lingerie
  • Place them in lingerie bags when using washing machine to keep them in shape for longer.
2. Do not use hot water :
  • Place your lingerie in a bowl or a clean sink of warm water or lukewarm water or cold water.
lingerie care
  • Use liquid laundry detergent if possible.
lingerie care
  • Soak for at least 30 minutes.
  • Wash and rinse really gently.
3. Dry your lingerie
  • Always dry your lingerie by laying it flat on a surface. This ensures that it doesn’t stretch out and lose its elasticity.
drying lingerie
  • Dry it in the shade as this will protect its colors
dry bra panty lingerie set
  • Do NOT tumble dry!
wash care lingerie
4. No ironing : Don’t iron your lingerie or put it into a dryer as the heat will damage the material.
lingerie care


With these easy care tips, you can ensure your lingerie stays pretty and lasts longer!