About Us

We believe that every woman has the right to be her own sexy and being wild is part of being woman.

A woman, we believe, should feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever way she deems fit. We want to normalize the fact that women should unapologetically relish cravings of their body or their mind's most fascinating fantasy.

The mission of ‘Xs & Os’ is to empower women to accept their sensuality in its physical, mental, emotional, healthful facets and be proud of her natural beauty. Where they feel free to talk about their sexy pleasures and sensual experiences about their body. We want to establish the contribution of lingerie in each woman's personal story.

We're here to be your close companion in exploring every fantasy about your body or mind. Whether it's a sensual lingerie night with your partner or grabbing your most reliable everyday bra-panties to rock a fabulous outfit or a satin robe to just feel relaxed at home or to sway in a tempting bikini set at beach or to simply try a sexy lace lingerie.

Sweet to Ultra sexy, Cute to coquettish, Discover what type of 'Junglee' girl you are or just want to be today.